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Skjærekniv som er god å bruke dersom du har vondt i hånden og i håndledd. Du bruker minde krefter på å skjære og bruker du den sammen med linjalen har du et godt hjelpemiddel til skjæring av stoffer.

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The 45mm My Comfort Cutter features the TrueCut Cutter Guide that works with the TrueCut ruler track to give you superior precision and accuracy. The My Comfort Cutter prevents stress in your wrist, neck, arm and shoulders thanks to its ergonomic Comfort Curve Grip. It provides you with more cutting power with less effort by placing all cutting power directly over the blade. Using a ruler that doesn’t have the TrueCut Ruler Track? No problem! The My Comfort Cutter will work with any ruler, and you can also remove the Cutter Guide to make cutting with other rulers easier.
Comfort Curve Grip
Cutter Guide works with ruler track
Customizable handle inserts

Works with rotary blades of many brands
Left or right-handed